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Premium - 18kg (36 ltr) GAS IT Plus Refillable Bottle


Manufacturer: GAS IT

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These are special oprer and on a weeek delivery time please take this into acount before ordering

 36 ltr GAS IT Plus upright refillable Vapour tank.  These  refillable Tanks come fully valved and are the quality 4 hole type as used by OEM's here in the UK and Europe. 


These GAS IT Plus bottles are fitted with 4 separate valves and many safety features not seen in other brands like Gaslow or Safefill in the UK which makes these GAS IT Plus bottles unique in many ways.


So if you want the best safety available and built in to any refillable gas bottle as well as fantastic product functionality and reliability then this is the GAS IT Plus refillable bottle has to be for you.


1) The outlet is fitted with a full excess flow valve meaning the tank will shut off automatically if the pigtail bursts ( unique to GAS IT Plus bottles )


2) Inside the tank there is a full liquid Phase separator© which stops any liquid from leaving the bottle


3) Separate Level float sender allows both on bottle and remote indication anywhere on the vehicle of the gas contents with a separately available GAS IT LED gauge and sender.


4) Full size large flow Pressure relief valve stops


They are 36 ltr water capacity which means they hold 20% less than this amount due to automatic 80% float driven shut of filling valve in the tank, meaning you will never over fill the bottles even when only part of the gas has been used. They will always fill up to 80%

Size 300mm x 702mm


The gas outlet on the manual tap is the UK specification 109 nut (21.8 LH) thread which is known as the butane nut & fitting. If you have a Propane pigtail ( UK POL) fitted to your existing gas install you can either buy a separate new 21.8 LH pigtail or a pol to 21.8LH adaptor - both are available from ourselves at an small extra cost.


You can fit a remote contents gauge on these cylinders which will show you how much gas you have in them via LED's inside the vehicle 


Fully EU & UK approved.

Product Code: PRENO4AH50

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