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GAS IT 11kg Refillable bottle & locker Fill kit

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Manufacturer: GAS IT

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Product Information

ThIs GAS IT 11kg Refillable gas bottle with Gas level contents gauge & Remote In Locker fillpoint kit is the easy install option as you don't need to modify the outside of your vehicle to  fit the remote fill system but you are still 100% complying with all EU and UK requirments to have a remote ( Off bottle) mounted fill point.    This kit is a complete single bottle remote fill kit and the easy way to get onto the to the refillable bottle ladder. 


It comes with a new GAS IT 11kg refillable bottle, remote Inlocker fillpoint and GAS IT heavy duty angled bracket for the fillpoint, a 0.75 mtr OEM specification fill hose ( fillpoint to bottle) and to finish it all off, you even get a cover for the fillpoint to stop any dirt entering the fill system.   

Our GAS IT In locker fill point kit is unique to our GAS IT Dealer in that it fully complies with all current 2014 EU and UK regulations, unlike other makes of refillable bottles which use 'Direct on Bottle' mounted fill points - which they class as being in locker fill systems, Our GAS IT In locker kit is not the same as our Fill point is NOT directly connected to the bottle ( it uses a fully approved Fill hose ) and we also include a covered on the fill point to stop any dirt contamination,  so that's why our GASIT type of in locker fill point and mounting system is still OK for use in the UK, France and other EU countries where as others are not.  The bottom line is if your being offers a 'Direct On Bottle mounted fill point' its not legal or approved here or in Europe and you will have filling difficulties.


The only one extra item you might need to buy is either a new 21.8Lh Pigtail to connect to the gas outlet valve on our GAS IT bottle to your regulator or a Pol to Butane adaptor ( depending on what Regulator / pigtail you currently have )  Both items are less than £10.00 listed on our webshop.


If in the future you want to upgrade and add a 2nd ( or more ) GAS IT bottles, this can be simple done by buying our Add on kit and another GAS IT refillable.



These GAS IT Refillable products are regularly used in the Caravan, Motorhome, Road Repair, Catering and Farrier industries. Our GAS IT Technical team can advise you of all our GAS IT items functionality and regulation compatabilities within your industry and use. We can even work with you on designing a GAS IT system unique to your needs.



This kit can also be partnered up with the identical Gaslow type so you are sure of absolute compatability should you decide to have more than one bottle fitted. This bottle also works with the Gaslow, Caratank and GAS IT fillpoints, hoses, fitting and so forth.


The specification of these 11kg refillable bottle is as follows :-

Fills to approximately 21 litres (at 80% full)

Height: 550mm height x 304mm diameter.

Empty Cylinder Weight: 10.7 Kg approx

Material: Steel


These items are our own, newly manufactured and branded stock and not simply repainted Gaslow ones.

Product Code: GASDO7O46


copyright AvonAutogas 2015

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